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Health care Consumerization

More than 50% of Health Care Services Will Be Consumed Virtually by 2030

The history of telemedicine, telehealth, or virtual health started as an answer to solving problems for people with no access to care. Today, virtual health also serves people who already have care, but prefer care through different mechanisms. Understanding the level of virtual health adoption leads to multiple questions. When asking citizens about their expectations of how health care should be available, research shows that half to three quarters say that they are willing to have digital/virtual health interactions with health care. And while nearly 25% of non-Medicare beneficiaries say they have had at least one exposure, less than 1% of Medicare beneficiaries have had a virtual health encounter. Among providers, less than 15% use or are aware of their practice having a virtual offering. Closing the gap between citizen expectations and adoption of telehealth is a challenge that must be addressed.

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