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ATA2020 is the world’s largest telehealth innovation event taking place Monday, June 22 – Friday, June 26, 2020.

Take full advantage of all ATA2020 has to offer from Live and On Demand conference programming to exploring virtual exhibits and networking with industry colleagues before and during the virtual event.

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Take a Tour of the ATA2020 Virtual Event Platform

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NEtworking at ata2020

ATA2020 is facilitating pre-conference connections between all registered attendees, exhibitors and speakers. Follow the instructions below to access your Connect account and begin networking. You can also down the Attendee Event Networking Guide.

Access Your Connect Account

Click here to access your Connect account and complete your profile to begin networking before the virtual event.

  1. Enter Your Email - This needs to be the email used to complete your ATA2020 registration.
  2. Enter Your Registration ID - Enter the Registration ID you received in your confirmation email when you registered. Click here if you can't find your Reg ID.
  3. Open the Connect Platform - Click the Networking tab on the top menu and choose Connect - Note the Connect platform will open in a separate tab.


LogIn Screen

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Update Your Connect Account

In order for the Connect platform to provide the best recommendations of people to meet and increase the chances that people accept your meetings, one element is absolutely crucial: complete your profile!

Add a profile image, fill out your summary and select your preferences in the event-specific questions that you'll be presented when you first log in. These questions help the plaform find suggested connections and assist others in finding you. 


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Fill Out Your Calendar Availability

Under the profile tab choose "Manage My Availability" on the left side navigation.  Adjust the calendar to note when you are available to meet with other attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.  Please note the platform only shows the next 7 days of the calendar at any given time - as days progress the calendar view adjusts accordingly. If you populate your calendar today, you'll need to go back in and add availability to the remaining event days as they become visible.


calendar screenshot

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Connect with Fellow Registrants & Schedule 1:1 Meetings

In 4 simple steps, you’ll begin connecting with fellow registrants.

  1. Request - Get recommendations, search and scroll through lists to request meetings for a time and date that works for you.
  2. Accept - Receive incoming meeting requests via notifications or in your email and accept them to have them synced to your personal calendar.
  3. Join - Virtual meetings can be joined 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. You can join the meeting from your email or the platform by clicking the “Open Virtual Meeting Room” button.openvirtualmeeting
  4. Rate - Give anonymous feedback on your meeting with “Good”, “Bad” or “Didn’t Happen: and give a reason for your rating to qualify your post-event follow-ups.

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Recommended matches are provided based on similar interests in the profile information provided by the user.



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Schedule a Meeting

After selecting the contact, choose the date and time you wish to request a meeting.  The selected user will receive an email notification of the request in their registered email as well as on the ATA2020 Connect platform.


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1:1 Chats

You can chat with any of your online connections. A connection is two people with mutual interest so make sure to click the Interested button on their profile.  The chat window opens to the right for the communication to begin or continue.


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