Nominations are OPEN

The ATA Annual Awards program recognizes individuals and organizations that have accelerated innovations and solutions to advance the adoption of telehealth and have been instrumental in expanding access to care to individuals when and where they need it. Through their groundbreaking work, these leaders help to set new standards in care delivery through the implementation of telehealth and virtual care solutions. Award recipients will be recognized at the ATA2023 Annual Conference and Expo, March 4-6, San Antonio. Nominations have been extended to Wednesday, November 30, 2022, 11:59 EST. Award winners will be notified mid-January. See previous ATA Award Winners.

Nominating Process

Nominations will be accepted from ATA members or non-members individuals and organizations. All required materials to support a nomination must be submitted using the online nomination platform. Nominations have been extended to Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

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Selection Process

The ATA Awards Committee, comprised of recognized thought leaders from across the industry, will review all nominations and select the recipients in each category. Nominations must include no more than three letters of recommendation that highlight how a nominee meets or exceeds the designated criteria for an award, including nominee’s impact and how they have contributed to the substantial development, advancement or deployment of telehealth. The selection of award recipients will be based on the information provided in these letters. Final awardees will be notified in advance and must be able to attend the 30th Anniversary Gala and Annual Leadership Awards Dinner at ATA2023 in-person, on Sunday, March 5. Please note, projects and institutions affiliated with current officers of the ATA are ineligible for consideration for ATA Annual Awards. The ATA leadership can make its own nominations for ATA Annual Awards and reserves the right to not grant an award in any one year.

Submission Checklist

To prepare a nomination submission, please provide the following information:

  • Name of nominator
  • Name of nominee (can be self)
  • Nominee's bio and/or LinkedIn Profile
  • Up to three letters of recommendation that outline how the nominee has met or exceeded the criteria for a specific award (required)
  • Contact information for both the nominator and nominee 

Nominations HAVE BEEN EXTENDED TO november 30, 2022, 11:59EST.

ATA Leadership in Care Transformation Award – recognizes a healthcare organization that has demonstrated success in systemic implementation of telehealth in today’s ‘new normal’. This award recognizes truly outstanding teams or individuals that have vastly improved quality, reduced cost of care, increased efficiencies, improved clinical outcomes, increased patient and provider satisfaction, and/or delivered care to a large cohort of patients including underserved or vulnerable patient populations via telehealth solutions. Examples of initiatives in leading towards this transformation include:

  • Dramatically expand access to underserved and vulnerable populations
  • Address the healthcare needs of individuals including older patients and those with chronic conditions or disabilities
  • Demonstrate a successful business case or model, including increased efficiencies, cost savings, provider satisfaction, patient engagement, etc.
  • Effective internal or external partnerships and collaborations that supported the transformation


ATA's Telehealth Champions: Advancing Access to Virtual Care Award – recognizes an individual or organization that has championed the expansion of telehealth services to rural, underserved or vulnerable patient populations, helped to broadly increase awareness and adoption of telehealth, or made significant contributions to the ATA’s policy initiatives in areas including reimbursement, regulation and access to telehealth services. Examples of initiatives in leading telehealth’s expansion to the underserved include:

  • Demonstrated leadership in educating the public and policymakers about telehealth and the benefits of telehealth services
  • Dedication and commitment to working with government agencies and vested stakeholders in removing regulatory barriers for telehealth services


ATA SIG Leadership Award – recognizes leadership (Chair or Co-chairs) of an ATA Special Interest Group (SIG) who has provided exemplary service and contributions to advancing the goals of the SIG, expanding its scope and engaging other ATA members. This individual continuously demonstrates a strong commitment to the ATA’s mission and goals of the SIG, encouraging member engagement and demonstrating thought leadership in the individual’s area of expertise.

Please contact DeAnna Grosbaum  with any questions related to ATA2023 Annual Leadership Awards.



Previous ata award recipients



2022 – Ali Parsa, PhD, Founder and CEO, Babylon

telehealth champion: advancing access to virtual care Award

2022 – Carrie Nixon, Esq., Managing Partner, Nixon Gwilt Law

ata sig leadership Award

2022 – Jonathon Savage, DO, Founder and President, Care on Location, PC

Innovation in Remote Healthcare Award

2004 – VISICU and MedAire
2005 – iNTERFACEWARE and In Touch Health
2006 – HealthPia America and Health-e-Access Program
2007 – Antenatal and Neonatal Guidelines, Education and Learning System
2008 – Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Care Coordination Services
2009 – Continua Health Alliance
2010 – Corventis AVIVO and Myca Health
2011 – Michael D. Abramoff, MD, PhD, Automated Medical Diagnostics (AMDx)
2012 – PTSD Coach Mobile Application (T2)
2013 – DOD Safe Helpline Mobile Application
2014 – Burke Mental Health Emergency Center
2015 – Sentrian, The Remote Patient Intelligence Company
2016 – Propeller Health
2017 – Tyto Care
2018 – HemoMD
2019 - EYEmergencyMD, Inc

Transformation of Healthcare Delivery Award
1996 – Jane Preston, MD
1997 – Georgia Telemedicine Program
1998 – Oklahoma Telemedicine Program
1999 – Kansas University TeleMedicine Services
2000 – Memorial University of Newfoundland
2001 – Arizona Telemedicine Program
2002 – Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network
2003 – Missouri Telehealth Network
2004 – Alaska Federal Health Care Access Network (AFHCAN)
2005 – North Network
2006 – University of California Davis, Center for Health & Technology
2007 – University of New Mexico, Center for Telehealth
2008 – Medical Missions for Children
2009 – Avera Health – Telehealth
2010 – Orbis international
2011 – University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
2012 – Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center
2013 – University of New Mexico, Project Echo
2014 – Center for Rural Health Innovation: MY Health-e-Schools
2015 – Center for Telehealth, University of Mississippi
2016 – United Health Centers of the San Joaquin Valley
2017 – New York Presbyterian on Demand
2018 – Nemours Children’s Health System Center for Health Delivery Innovation
2019 – South Carolina Telehealth Alliance, Medical University of South Carolina
2020 – Children's Health System of Texas, The Children's Health Virtual Care Program

ATA’s Champion Award

2018 – S. David McSwain, MD, Medical University of South Carolina
2019 – Nathaniel M. Lacktman, JD, Partner Foley & Ladner LLP
2020– Veterans Health Administration, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

ATA’s Women of the Year Award

2018 – Deanna Larson, CEO, Avera eCare
2019 – J. Nwando Olayiwola, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, RubiconMD
2020 – Tania Malik, J.D.