If you are starting a telemedicine program for your practice or health system or simply want to improve the one you have, mark your calendar for this new educational series.  These 90 min webinars will feature presentations from experts, tutorials, resources, videos, and more. 

Now that you have your telehealth practice established, what are the necessary steps and best practices that will help you to scale it throughout your organization?

In this session led by Joseph Brennan, Advisor to the ATA, attendees learned from experts at Intermountain Healthcare, Yale New Haven Hospital and Yale Medicine as they discussed the workflows and strategies to help scale telehealth across multiple providers, the important metrics you should be tracking, and the importance of support staff in the virtual experience.  

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Brian Wayling, Executive Director, Telehealth Services, Intermountain Healthcare

Matthew Zawalich, Executive Director, Information Technology Services, Yale New Haven Health

Nikki DeLucia, Associate Director of Program Development, Yale Medicine

While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated the adoption of telehealth, for many, the pandemic has provided their first exposure to care delivered in a virtual manner and it’s not an intuitive experience for all.

Our experts provided insight on the importance of considering how a patient experiences a telehealth visit, recommendations on the workflows and best practices that will help them to have a frictionless encounter, and how to make sure you’re taking care of your providers so that the process isn’t frustrating for them as well.

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Part 1 of the ATA Telehealth Bootcamp Webinar Series addressed the ideal fundamentals for establishing a Telehealth Practice as a provider or delivery system.

First, Jennifer Humbert, Assistant Vice President – CareConnect360, for Ochsner Health Systems discussed the technology considerations that should be factored when selecting a solution.  Then Guy Glorioso, Vice President – Virtual Health for Atrium Health outlined the key members of an ideal team to assemble, the needed core competencies, and the value of having dedicated teams and resources.

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As the organization representing the telehealth community, we are working on a number of fronts to support healthcare providers on the front lines, telehealth solution providers and all stakeholders in this fight.  The ATA Telehealth Bootcamp Webinar Series will bring together experts and thought leaders, to share practical insights and real-world experiences to help create the right solutions, implement the right technologies and support all of your incredible efforts to leverage telehealth solutions.

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